4 Things to Know About Brush Pens

4 Things to Know About Brush Pens

March 07, 2018

Brush pens are ideal for East Asian as well Western calligraphy. Besides calligraphy, brush pens are also used for sketching, fine art drawings, and cartoons. Over here we discuss 4 facts about brush pens for those who are just beginning to explore their artistic side -

1. Difference between the Brush and a Brush Pen

The basic difference between a brush and a brush pen is that the artist has to apply colours on the brush manually while with a brush pen you can create beautiful water colour effects without the inconvenience of mixing water, brush and colours. Brush pens come in a variety of tip styles and are available with both synthetic and natural bristles.
Brush pens are affordable when compared to brushes but their tips mimic the quality of the brush bristles.

2. The Tip of the Brush Pen

The tip of the brush pens can be made of different materials including -
Natural Hair: the tips are made of weasel or sable hair. Brush pens with natural hair tips are similar to real brushes made of natural hair.
Synthetic tip: Nylon bristles are used. These are easy to handle.
Felt tip: These tips are made of plastic. These are firm and allow you to produce consistent lines easily.

3. Hardness of the tips differ

Brush pens have both soft tip and firm tip. With a softer tip, you can create lines of different variation (from fine lines to thick lines). However, this is only possible once you have full control over the pen. On the other hand, a brush pen with a firm tip can also produce lines of multiple variations but you have to apply more pressure to do it. Synthetic and felt tips are usually a bit firm than natural bristles. 

4. Size matters

The tip sizes vary from pen to pen. The brush pens tips are either fine or broad. Fine tip pens are excellent for creating sketches that need great detailing, plus compositions that are small and need precision. On the other hand, broad tip brush pens are good for bold strokes.

Brush pens can have wet and dry tips. The ink flow in wet tips is consistent and in case of dry tips, it’s inconsistent.

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