Washi Tape - Essential Set

MozArt Supplies USA


  • DECORATIVE WASHI-TAPE SET - This decorative washi tape set includes 20 rolls, each with a unique and fun design that's perfect for arts and crafts; each tape roll measures 15mm by 5m.
  • ASSORTED UNIQUE DECORATIVE TAPE - The MozArt Supplies Washi Tape Set features a wide variety of unique tape designs including foil, floral, and glitter tape; designs are printed clearly with vibrant and shimmering colours for a variety of uses.
  • VERSATILITY - Keep your journal and notebook looking awesome with these colourful decorative paper tape; this set of coloured washi adhesive tape is fun to use with its many designs and can be used in numerous ways from decorative gift wrapping, bullet journal, scrapbooking, and other arts and crafts.
  • GREAT FOR ARTS AND CRAFTS - The assorted designs presented in this set of Japanese washi tape makes a perfect addition to your craft kit; each tape holds well on paper and other surfaces and isn't easily torn when pulled up; Our washi tape does not leave stains and marks on paper; It's also a perfect tool for labeling items and personalized gifts.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - MozArt Supplies prides itself on its high quality made products; We value our customer's satisfaction and we encourage them to contact us on any issues they may have found in our product; this can help us guarantee an immediate solution and guide us in improving our production of art materials.

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